News: New Hanson Video – Bigger News: I’m in it!

Hanson – Get the Girl Back

After our album art shoot the day before, the band asked me to play a role in their new music video.  How could I resist bartending elbow to elbow along side Nikki Reed and Kat Dennings!  Was so much fun working the other side of the camera

World debut @ 2mins 11secs!

FLIPSIDE: Laugh Cry Repeat w/ model Sydney Roper

Photoshoot for brand Laugh Cry Repeat.  I can’t describe what an awesome day this was.  Marina Del Rey was beautiful.  To think all these years living in LA and I had never been!  We had the luxury to be graced by the one and only supermodel Sydney Roper.  You could never bottle the magic that exudes out of her.  And you could never air on live television the words that exude out of her mouth.  She was hands down the most entertaining and unpredictable model I’ve ever worked with. Can’t even explain….

FLIPSIDE: Photoshoot w/ DJ Hoff

Hoff called me about doing a shoot for his upcoming release.  His only criteria- nature.  So naturally I took him out to the desert where I grew up.  Called an old friend about a horse.  MIchelle I hadn’t seen in nearly 20 years!  Without skipping a beat she invited us down to her ranch to saddle up.  We had a truly adventurous day!  Thanks to MIchelle, her kids, nephews, and her whole camp for being so awesome all day.  Also Thanks to AJ for stepping up as my assistant and impromptu master horse wrangler!