IO Echo for Paper Mag

Shoot with LA band IO Echo for Paper Mag. We shot this at my friend Tim Biskup’s house, aka the La Canada County Club.  Tim so graciously volunteered his BBQ skills and did up a feast.  Next time we’ll actually get the chance to jump off the roof into the pool!  A special thanks to Tim and also to Xavier for letting us destroy his room and stomp on his valued possessions for this iconic shot.  Thanks to the band, Ioanna and Leo, for being so cool.  And thanks to the crew too for all the hard work.

FLIPSIDE: Photoshoot w/ DJ Hoff

Hoff called me about doing a shoot for his upcoming release.  His only criteria- nature.  So naturally I took him out to the desert where I grew up.  Called an old friend about a horse.  MIchelle I hadn’t seen in nearly 20 years!  Without skipping a beat she invited us down to her ranch to saddle up.  We had a truly adventurous day!  Thanks to MIchelle, her kids, nephews, and her whole camp for being so awesome all day.  Also Thanks to AJ for stepping up as my assistant and impromptu master horse wrangler!

Magnetic Mag: Pasquale Rotella

Magnetic Mag

Pasquale has a confident air to him.  Walks in silently, shakes my hand, and asks, “where do you want to shoot?” There’s no hustle or urgency in his tone.  Just a very chill demeanor.  We shoot a couple setups in and around his office, he takes a quick meeting, then comes downstairs for the final “bonus shot” in the parking garage.  We notice a pile of bikes in the corner covered in dust.  “Playa dust” to be exact.  These were his and his posse’s Burning Man bikes.  The banana seat Schwinn from the 70s was Pasquales.  Of course (at first he showed us is 23 window VW bus in the garage, but it was too blocked in with boxes to take out).   Does Pasquale has taste?  Hands down.   He rides the Schwinn around, we do a few portraits, and call it a day.  Thanks Pasquale and Rob from Magnetic Mag.  Good day and good times!

Photo taken in the parking lot of Pasquale’s headquarters in LA.