Covershoot: Vegetarian Starter Guide

Fun covershoot for Mercy For Animals‘s new Vegetarian Starter Guide.  On the cover: Hayley Marie Norman, Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart, Fionna Gublemann

That food was so good to eat afterwards!  Truth is I was actually picking at it when no one was looking!

Charli XCX for Paper Mag

Shot Charli XCX for Papermag.  Feature story out for Summer issue.  This girl is on fire.  Only 20 and is full on in non stop motion touring the world.  Flew into LA for the shoot and a private show, then back out on a plane to Denver same day.  Living out of a bag, she came prepared to style her own self.  So her and I dug thru her “closet” and came up with some outfits and went for it.  Shot at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood.

News: New Hanson Video – Bigger News: I’m in it!

Hanson – Get the Girl Back

After our album art shoot the day before, the band asked me to play a role in their new music video.  How could I resist bartending elbow to elbow along side Nikki Reed and Kat Dennings!  Was so much fun working the other side of the camera

World debut @ 2mins 11secs!

Satya Bhabha for Papermag

It’s always a breath of fresh air when you meet someone as cool, calm, & pleasant to be around as Satya.  I asked him to me in Silverlake at a friend’s house with the intention of making the shoot a hang/walk/talk session around the neighborhood.  And that’s exactly what we did.  We got pizza, climbed a hill, picked oranges off a tree, snuck into a neighbor’s garage, sat on the roof, smelled a pot plant growing in a neighbor’s backyard.  We just hung out.  His upcoming film, Midnight’s Children, comes out in November.  I’ll definitely go see it.

IO Echo for Paper Mag

Shoot with LA band IO Echo for Paper Mag. We shot this at my friend Tim Biskup’s house, aka the La Canada County Club.  Tim so graciously volunteered his BBQ skills and did up a feast.  Next time we’ll actually get the chance to jump off the roof into the pool!  A special thanks to Tim and also to Xavier for letting us destroy his room and stomp on his valued possessions for this iconic shot.  Thanks to the band, Ioanna and Leo, for being so cool.  And thanks to the crew too for all the hard work.