The F.McLintock Men & their Posse

I went up north to SLO to attend a university award ceremony for my sister.  It was held in this famous restaurant called F.Mclintocks in Pismo Beach.  Right when you walk into this place you are totally floored and overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” on the walls.  Which mainly consists of dead animal hides, heads, and horns hanging there looking humble, modest, and eerily happy.  As if the taxidermist put the effort in to add a faint grin of satisfaction to each animal.  Just looking at the the moose and his subtle smirk made me feel less doleful.

Here are the men that started it all, lookin snazzy and dapper. Oddly, they’ve got that same smirk of satisfaction on their face….

Found: Janelle Monae rendition by K Gibbons

People are really amazing out there.  I stumbled upon this artist’s rendition of an image of Janelle Monae I took for Paper Magazine during some routine image googling.  Kerry Gibbons is her name and she actually did this in Photoshop as an online pastels tutorial. Nice job K.   Guess I won’t sick my lawyers on you simply ’cause I like it 😉

What’s the maximum occupancy again, Cliff?


Here’s a nice guy, Cliff the Fire Chief.  I met him downtown while attending a party in the Oviatt Penthouse.  He was pretty much hiding in a corner of the stairwell, scared me as I rounded the bend.  He was there to keep the party under control.  I asked if he minded being in the midst of a bunch of wild partygoers, he just chuckled and said nope.  He loves his job.  Nice guy.

we are not who we say we are

Brian Strine and Adam Harteau are some fucking characters.  I’m going to leave it at that and if you’re lucky enough to meet them during your time on this planet you will fully understand.  Very talented and creative fellows these two.  I snapped this pic when they dropped off Adam’s Westy for us to use on a location shoot near Sunset Junction.