Satya Bhabha for Papermag

It’s always a breath of fresh air when you meet someone as cool, calm, & pleasant to be around as Satya.  I asked him to me in Silverlake at a friend’s house with the intention of making the shoot a hang/walk/talk session around the neighborhood.  And that’s exactly what we did.  We got pizza, climbed a hill, picked oranges off a tree, snuck into a neighbor’s garage, sat on the roof, smelled a pot plant growing in a neighbor’s backyard.  We just hung out.  His upcoming film, Midnight’s Children, comes out in November.  I’ll definitely go see it.

My name is Greg, meet my doppelganger…

Another Hassy shoot for the HassyLA blog , meet Greg and his dog Sage.  I met Greg on a previous shoot.  He is as you can see a really interesting guy, with definitely a very interesting look.  I’ve been wanting to do another portrait of him  for some time and while chatting on the phone one thing lead to another and animal portraits filtered into our conversation.  Greg mentions casually that his dog Sage has a similar condition to himself called Heterochromia, basically having two different colored eyes.  Huh?! What?! How?! Rad!… were some of my immediate responses.  Did he go on a country wide hunt for his doppelganger in canine form??  Turns out his fiance rescued Sage from a Husky shelter and this story of mysterious coincidence fell into place.